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Meet The Red Africans : They Have Red Hair (See Pictures Below).

Africa is a very large continent recognized as the birthplace of the human race, Archaeological evidence shows that the continent has been inhabited by humans and their forebears for 4,000,000 years or more. Anatomically speaking, humans are believed to have appeared as early as 200,000 years ago in the eastern region of sub-Saharan Africa. Later early humans spread into Northern Africa and the Middle East then finally, to the rest of the world. There are 54 countries in Africa, they are:

  1. Algeria
  2. Angola
  3. Benin
  4. Botswana
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Burundi
  7. Cameroon
  8. Cape Verde
  9. Central African Republic
  10. Chad
  11. Camoros
  12. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  13. Republic of the Congo
  14. Djibouti
  15. Egypt
  16. Equatorial Guinea
  17. Eritrea
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Gabon
  20. Gambia
  21. Ghana
  22. Guinea
  23. Guinea-Bissau
  24. Ivory Coast
  25. Kenya
  26. Lesotho
  27. Liberia
  28. Libya
  29. Madagascar
  30. Malawi
  31. Mali
  32. Mauritania
  33. Mauritius
  34. Morocco
  35. Mozambique
  36. Namibia
  37. Niger
  38. Nigeria
  39. Rwanda
  40. Sao Tome and Principe
  41. Senegal
  42. Seychelles
  43. Sierra Leone
  44. Somalia
  45. South Africa
  46. South Sudan
  47. Sudan
  48. Swaziland
  49. Tanzania
  50. Togo
  51. Tunisia
  52. Uganda
  53. Zambia
  54. Zimbabwe

The country where the red Africans are found is angola, below is a description of Angola.

Angola is a country in Southwestern Africa. Angola has a broad variety of landscapes, including the semidesert Atlantic littoral bordering Namibia’s Skeleton Coast the sparsely populated rainforest interior, the rugged highlands of the south, the Cabinda exclave in the north, and the densely settled towns and cities of the northern coast and north-central river valleys. The capital of Angola is Luanda, a large port city on the northern coast that consists of Portuguese-style colonial landmarks with traditional African housing styles and modern industrial complexes.

The Himba also known as red Africans, are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia located in Southern Angola, Both men and women are used to wearing traditional clothing that befits their living environment (hot semi- arid climate) of their area, in most occurrences this consists simply of skirt-like clothes made from calfskins and sheep skin and sometimes sandals for footwear. Masculine foot wears are different from feminine foot wear. A woman sandal is made from cows' skin; while men's are made from old car tires. Women who are mothers wear a small backpack of skin attached to their traditional outfit. Himba people, especially women, are remarkably famous for covering themselves with otjize paste, ( cosmetic mixture of butterfat and ochre pigment ), this is to cleanse the skin over long periods due to scarcity of water and protect themselves from the extremely hot and dry climate of the Kaokoland as well as insect bites. The cosmetic mixture, often perfumed with the aromatic resin of the omuzumba shrub, gives their skin and hair plaits a distinctive orange or red-tinge characteristic, as well as texture and style. Otjize is considered a highly desirable aesthetic beauty cosmetic, symbolizing earth's rich red color and blood the essence of life, and is consistent with the OvaHimba ideal of beauty. This is what makes them red Africans.

See pictures below and tell us what you think.

Content created and supplied by: Barizumdu (via Opera News )

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