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How to produce and package hair gel in Nigeria with at least 6000 Naira

Men and women all over the world likes to take care of their hair, that is where the hair gel comes in. Hair gel is mainly for styling the hair into any desired form, some hair gel are infused with anti fungal ingredients, which will reduce hair and scalp dieseases.

Hair gel production and sale is a very lucrative business, it's production doesn't take more than 15 minutes and the ingredients needed can be found in any market near you.

Equipments needed

• Measuring cup

• Tablespoons

• Turning stick

• Big bowl

• Small bowl

• Packaging containers

• Labels



• Alcohol or methanol

• Methyl paraben

• Thickener

• Colour

• Perfume

• Water

These are the quantities in which the ingredients are needed, the cost and where you can get them.

• Nitrosol:

it acts as a thickening agent, it is also the ingredients that gives the gel it's jelly like form. 1/2 kg is enough and you can buy it for #1800

• Alcohol/methanol: This acts as a solvent and also aids drying of the gel. Methanol is sold at #500 per litre, 1 litre is enough.

• Methy paraben:

This is optional, but it is the anyone fungal ingredient I talked about earlier.

• Thickener:

This gives the gel it's sticky properties. You can buy xanthum gum, T .E .A thickener or gelatin.

• Colour: After production of gel, there are colour hints of green in the gel when it is applied to the hair, that is why black is used in most gels. #50 worth of gel is enough.

• Perfume: Buy any fragrance you like and apply as desired.

• Water: Acts as a natural solvent, 1 litre is enough.

Note: all these ingredients are sold in the supermarkets, general markets or placea where raw materials for cosmetics are sold. You can also ask traders to put you through.


Each of these process requires vigorous stirring or else your mixture will result in lumps.

• Step 1: In a separate bowl, dilute the Nitrosol with half a litre of water

• Step 2: Measure 100ml of water into a small plastic and dissolve the methyl paraben in it till the paste looks very smooth

• Step 3: Pour the two separate mixtures together in the big bowl

• Step 4: Add alcohol to it

• Step 5: Add the thickener (at this stage, your mixture should have a jelly like texture)

• Step 6: Dissolve the colour in a small bowl filled with water

• Step 7: Add the dissolved colour to the mixture in the big bowl

• Step 8: Add pertume as desired

• Step 9: Package for use or sale

Note: Remember to stir vigorously after each stir. This method will give you at least 8 litres of gel.

Packaging and selling

Reduce your price a little and sell at the same quantity of other products. Package your product neatly, choose a clear label with your name printed on it, and a small portable plastic.

Market your product to friends, family and neighbors. Also make acquaintances with supermarkets and sell at a price lower than those they have in stock.

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