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Meet the brilliant young man Adebola Williams, who loves wearing red and white native.

Meet the brilliant young man Adebola Williams, who loves wearing white and red native.

You may wonder why did i called him brilliant young man at first, wonder no more.

Adebola Williams fondly called Debola Lagos, his a Nigerian Media Entrepreneur, Journalist, Political Activist, Motivational Speaker and co-founder of Red Media Africa, who is also one of the brains behind Future Awards, Ynaija Magazine, Statecraft Inc, and Rubbin Minds TV talkshow. 

This man is just 34years old; born 7th of march, 1986. He came from a wealthy family, but when he was 10years old, his family lost everything they had, that made him to start his own struggle. He became an actor at young age and was paid only 50 cents for his first acting role.

Now Adebola Williams is a Big Business man, travelling and getting contracts around the world. Moving to the purpose of this article, this brilliant and smart looking young man is seen wearing red and white native always.

Is a thing of surprise, like is Adebola Williams wardrobe filled with only red and white native, here are his photos for you to see what am saying.

Adebola Williams and Ambassador Pasquier of France.

This young man knows what Fashion feels like, take a look at his white pam sandal,

This is the kind of man every ladies should dream of.

Even in his house he still wears white and red for meals.

Money is good, don't you think so?

This man should be tag as Fashion king, his so classy.

Read face cap, white nose mask and white native wear.

Adebola Williams and Popular Musician Waje.

Adebola Williams and Actor RMD.

Still styling in Singapore with his Red and white native wear.

Looking at this last photo, there's is no doubt that Red and White is his favorite colors.

What do you think about this Man ladies?, I guess his story has inspire you.

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