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Skin Care

Here's How To Maintain A Smooth Face Even After Shaving

If you have the habit of shaving at the end of your shower, dermatologists have suggested that you use an anti-fog mirror. You can place this mirror on the shower wall.

Apply a nice, original, moisturizing shaving cream, even when making use of an electric razor. Allow the shaving cream to remain on your skin for about one or two minutes. Before you get your razor blade or shaving stick, please make sure the shaving cream is wet. If it eventually dries up before you shave, make sure you rinse your face properly. Then apply it again. Also make sure you use more cream this time around in order to prevent the cream from drying.

Shave very slowly and carefully in the direction of your hair growth, using either a very sharp razor blade or a wet/dry electric clipper. Shave in the particular direction that you’re grooming the hairs in.

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