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DIY: Check Out How To Make A Bracelet From Rubber Bands

Hello guys, Am writing on a very interesting stuff today, I've never believe it was possible to make something that amazing out of a mere rubber band. I was just surfing the web today and came across this very beautiful craft and I was like let me learn this, it was very amazing and easy to learn. I learned it online so I believe I could teach it online too, viewing the pictorial representation or illustration well is even enough to understand how to make it. Incase you don't understand my teaching well pls spare time to look at the pictorial representation well, you will probably understand.

Today in this article, I will be teaching you how to make a bracelet from rubber without using any special equipments, you can use two pens, two pencils, your fingers or even two nails.

Now to step by step on how to make the rubber bands bracelet;


- Rubber bands

- S-Hook or C-Hook

One of

- Two fingers

- Two pens

- Two pencils

- Two nails


- Bring out one rubber band.

- Twist it once as shown above.

- It should be forming two holes, dip your pens into the holes.

- Place another rubber right above the initial one without twisting, make a total of two in the pen.

- Place another rubber band right above the previous one without twisting, making three rubber bands in the pens.

- Pls pay attention well in this stage, if you got the previous steps right your product should be this. Now try passing the twisted rubber band you inserted first across the two new in both sides. Pls study the pictorial representation well for more understanding. It will be remaining two rubber bands on the pens now.

- Place another rubber band right above them, making three rubber bands in the pens again, try passing the last one across them again to let it back to two.

- Add another one at the top, pass the last one across.

- Start repeating the process till you reach your desired length.

- Now it should be three rubber bands in the pens, past the last one then pass the last one across them again, remaining just one band on the pen, use your C-Hook or S-hook to you park them.

And BOOM your rubber bands bracelet is done, another design coming up soon.

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Content created and supplied by: Topaz_x2 (via Opera News )

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