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Why Men Of Style Should Wear Bracelets

Bracelets are jewelry that has been attributed to women since their inception. In this part of the world, especially men who wore bracelets before now are considered to be flirts because it's supposed to be a "woman thing". This, however, has proven to be false for generation Z.

The jewelry industry also amplified this by designing metal bracelets for men making it available and a norm for the male gender also to have some bracelets on in recent years. 

Despite this fact, the beaded and leather bracelets associated with the Northern and Western parts of Nigeria seem to be more in trend amidst younger men in the country. 

The focus of this article however is to show why you should wear a bracelet as a man of style.

So, the good about bracelets is that it is a simple and classy way to emphasize your personality and your outfit. Fashion experts have proven that your choice of a bracelet, like any other jewelry, shows your style and personality.

For people who prefer metallic bracelets to either the thin or thick ones, the bottom line is they are likely to be more formal and corporate in their fashion style while those who opt for leather and beaded ones have an artistic and informal approach to fashion style. Such people tend to love more casual or business casual outfits. 

Some have an affinity for both and that simply shows they may tilt towards either side of the rope. These differences regardless, each man deserves to emphasize his fashion interest and a piece of the bracelet on his outfit is sufficient to do that. 

The general rule for everyone however is to treat it like a wristwatch, that is, keep it simple and fit on your wrist.

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