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Fashion Idea Mothers Can Copy From This Recent Fashion Style of Mercy Johnson

Popular Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson is a creative fashionista who wears gorgeous and inspiring outfits. Recently, she wore a sweet/unique native dress, which can inspire mothers who are lovers of fashion.

Below is the recent fashion style of Mercy Johnson, and how she inspired us with her fashion sense.

1. Her choice of outfit and colour were perfect/unique.

The above is a gorgeous sewn attire, having a unique/matured styling and design. I so much admire the styling on her dress because it has creativity on it. The creativity of matching two colours and materials together, and also making them come out clean and perfect, is worth copying, not just by fashionistas but also by designers.

The black designing compliments the dress colour, also gave it a stunning view. Also the styling of her upper part is also great and played a great role in perfecting her view. Every mother who wants to upgrade her closet can gain design inspiration from the above.

Her choice of colour was also perfect, as the colour of the dress, compliments her skin tone and made her look bold/captivating to sights. Every fashionista should not just consider the dress to wear, but also consider the colour and make sure the colour of dress perfects her skin tone, so she can look more attractive to sights.

Colours play a great role in perfecting ones appearance, especially when stepping out for special events.

2. Her Gele Colour / Styling.

I so much admire her choice of wearing a Gele, because it's the perfect head warp for such sewn wears. She wore a same colour gele which played a great role in making her look wowing to sites.

Also, the styling is highly unique and inspirational. Mothers can get inspired with her gele styling and can rock such with other outfits. The gele she wore made her look matured and gorgeous, such view is perfect for any special outdoor ceremonies.

3. Other Fashion Accessories.

She also rocked other fashion accessories like beads (neck beads and wrist beads), earrings made of beads. All the beads she wore played a great role to perfect her appearance, and also made her look more gorgeous.

Beads are great fashion accessories that perfects such outfits. Also to make your appearance look completely okay, then you must rock a classy heels, also the colour should compliment both skin tone and outfit.

Her Face makeup was also wowing as it added more light to her facial appearance. Mercy Johnson gave use a sweet, unique and gorgeous appearance that can be copied by matured women and mothers who value fashion.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Mercyjohnsonokojie

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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