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5 Beauty Secrets of The Ancient Romans

The Roman Empire was one of the largest empires in history and extended throughout Europe, as well as in Africa and the Middle East. This meant that the ladies of ancient Rome had the opportunity to try cosmetic products and beauty ideas from around the world.

Moreover, many wives of senior Roman aristocrats traveled the world with their husbands and saw women of other cultures, adopting from them the ideas of personal care and beauty. So what discoveries did women of ancient Rome make that we may have forgotten today?

Here are just some of the beauty secrets of beautiful and proud Roman juice.

1. They loved pallor

It was very important for the aristocratic women of Rome that the Roman lady did not look like she was working in the fields all day, so they went to great lengths to look pale and delicate like lilies. Roman ladies used chalk to whiten the skin, and also painted blue lines with mineral powder on their hands to show a hint of veins that were visible from under the skin.

2. They loved the monobrow

Every woman in ancient Rome would have liked to have bushy eyebrows fused in the middle, so they would have liked the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (remember the movie with Salma Hayek?). For the Romans, the principle applied to eyebrows: the thicker the better, and if the lady was not lucky and she had thin rare eyebrows, she painted them with charcoal to stay at the height of fashion. There were no makeup brushes in those days either, so the charcoal was applied with a stick or a shard of bone.

3. Blush from rose petals

In contrast to pale skin, ancient Romans liked the bright blush on their cheeks, and for this they used various natural ingredients. Those who could afford it used red ocher brought from what is now Belgium, and who could not, used red rose petals and red chalk. They could also have used red wine from last night, or red lead, which of course was poisonous.

4. Face masks

Roman women also made facials a lot, and some of the ingredients are familiar to you, but not all. They used oils, fennel seeds, vinegar and basil juice.

5. Down with body hair

Smooth, hairless skin was also a must for the Roman beauties, and their hair removal methods weren't too different from ours today. They shaved their legs and armpits using a resinous paste like we use wax today. Pumice was also frequently used for hair removal.

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