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Maintaining a clean dreadlock

There is a Nigerian saying that “there is a difference between dada and dreadlocks”.

Dada is the local name of dreadlocks in Nigeria. Dreadlock hairstyle evolved with innovation and new trends. And then people started referring to dirty looking dreadlocks as dada.

If you do not want to be grouped in the category of men that their dread is called dada, then you must go the extra mile to keep it clean and attractive.

Dreadlock hairstyle is not cheap or easy to maintain.

Make sure the style of dreads you are wearing fits.

It is important to visit the salon for locking once every two weeks.

There is need to shave beard, carve the front hairline from time to time.

For those days when there are no funds to visit salon regularly, endeavor to wash and dry the hair twice every week.

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