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Most products used to grow very full, long hair are expensive, Use 100 naira and grow your hair

Hello guys. Today I will be telling you about a very inexpensive means of getting long, full, silky hair with as low as 100naira.

Many people are faced with different hair conditions. Some have scanty, short hair, some have long scanty hair, some have short full hair and otherwise.

Most products to get perfect hair condition are expensive and contain one chemical or the other.

Sometimes they don't even fit our hair type thereby worsening the condition of the hair.

God has provided us with a natural thing that is cheap and very effective and it is called Shea butter.

There were a lot of times I saw ladies with damn long hair and just couldn't stop myself from asking and about 3 of them said it was just Shea butter they used. This made me to go research about Shea butter in other to find out what makes it grow hair so full, thick and long and to also try it on my own hair.

Shea butter is produced from the Shea-Karite tree.

Shea butter is known as "mother nature's conditioner". It provides extraordinary moisturizing properties. It is very good for hair health and apart from that, it heals burns and injuries, can clear stretch marks and surgical marks and many other uses.

Shea butter is a moisturizer for scalp and hair. It helps people with strong and coarse hair a lot because it softens the hair and keeps it moisturized.

Some uses of Shea Butter for scalp and hair are;

1.) To soothe hair and scalp.

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory qualities. Different things can irritate the hair and scalp; chemical treatments, relaxer treatments, environment etc. Shea butter will soothe the scalp and provide moisture in it from root to ends.

How to Use;

Melt Shea butter in a stainless plate or a double broiler over boiling water. Once it has cooled to a point that you can touch it, apply it with your finger tips directly into your scalp, rub in circular motion. You can add 2 drops of tea the oil if you have that.

2.) For hair growth.

Shea butter repairs hair follicles and thickens the hair. It encourages hair growth and hair fullness because of the nutrients it contains.

How to use;

Apply to scalp and whole length of hair daily. You can also melt it over hot water, add coconut oil and rub all over the hair, leave overnight and wash the following morning, rinse then do a final rinse with coconut water.

3.) Acts as a hair sealant and a protection from heat or weather.

Shea butter has emolliating qualities. It locks moisture in the hair and scalp without blocking the pores or making the hair feel greasy or heavy. It also protects the hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun or from harsh weather conditions.

How to Use;

You can apply it to the hair and the scalp alone or add your favourite conditioner and apply.

4.) As a softener and a strengthener.

Shea butter softens hard or brittle hair and is a good moisturizer. It is also good for dry hair. It strengthens the hair and prevents it from breakage.

How to use;

You can mix with another carrier oil (olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil etc) or use alone and apply.

There are 2 types of Shea butter

There is the refined Shea butter and the unrefined Shea butter. The unrefined is of course always the best for hair.


Shea butter can be gotten in supermarkets or beauty stores.

You can get natural unprocessed Shea butter in the markets from sellers that sell traditional or local stuff, you could ask. You can get for as low as 100 naira depending on where you staying, you could also buy in higher amounts to get a good quantity.

When you want to melt Shea butter do not melt it on direct heat.

Use a double broiler or you place it in a bowl over or in hot water. Let it be inside something maybe a container or a leather. Then place in a bowl of hot water.

Shea butter melts in warm temperatures and congeals in cold or normal temperatures.

Drink enough water, eat balanced diet, eat lot of proteins, don't let your hair tangle by all means and take care of your hair.

Try Shea butter and good luck growing your hair.

Thanks guys. Please follow me for more of this, like, comment and share. God richly bless you.

Content created and supplied by: CutieCutieCutie (via Opera News )

Shea Shea-Karite


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