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"Must Models Look Pretty?" -Chigbu Joshua


 A model is a rarefied creature.

      The very definition of a model is Models do not have to be pretty, classically pretty, will work against you. Because it’s a bit boring. The very definition of a model is someone who has the unique characteristic that is aspirational or is the most extreme, intriguing, representation of something larger than themselves. It’s not enough to be pretty in order to be a model. Let me explain why fashion models aren’t pretty.

Pretty is so general, and generally is easily forgotten. In fashion, the idea of pretty is uninteresting and it’s not particularly marketable.  

Because there’s a lot of pretty girls out there, most of them are on television, and it’s not necessarily about being pretty. It’s about can you take the pretty and put something else behind it. What Fashion Modelling industry is looking for, depends on clients, it differs because some clients are a little edgier, say high fashion, they may want someone, say of a little more serious, a little harder, a little more unique.

If you’re selling fashion that is meant to be edgy, and subversive and rebellious, you pretty much don’t want someone who looks like, your next-door neighbor’s debutante daughter. If you’re trying to sell something that is meant to be super sexy, you don’t want someone who looks like the soloist in a church choir… Pretty is not at the edges, pretty is right in the middle. So, for a designer who is looking for, let’s say, a model to really represent a brand, you want that face to be memorable. A model is a rarefied creature. He or she is a fluke of genetics and timing and pop-culture enthusiasm.

What modeling industry is looking for its uniqueness? Someone who does not look the same in every picture.

I think it’s amazing when you see some girls like Yana, I guess some of you knows her, SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL, she can go from e-comm to high fashion, and she had a great walk. There’s a girl that can go everywhere.

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