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How to grow attractive natural nails!

Maintaining your nails is as important as maintaining your health, I'm sure this was emphasized in most of our primary and secondary schools.

 Be it artificial or natural nails it is important to take care of them as failure to do so can automatically change your appearance making you look unkempt.

Some people disagree with the keeping of long nails because they feel it's unhealthy. While most ladies love long and beautiful looking nails.

Most ladies prefer to fix their nails because they feel it is difficult to maintain natural nails. Ladies complain that when they try to grow their nails it usually breaks and their nail is not strong enough.

Today, i'm going to be sharing with you some few tips that have worked for me on how to maintain your natural nails and still get other people to admire them. They may take time to grow, but it will be worth the wait.

1. Washing regularly to keep your nails white always and strong.

   I know most of you may disagree with me on this point but I tell you this works very well for me and I'm going to explain how it does. Many people believe washing of clothes breaks the nails but this is not totally true as this also helps to clean your nails and make them look whiter. Although your nails may appear to be weak and bendy when you finish washing it dries off after a while making them strong.

This is also like killing two birds with a stone, you get white shiny nails and it makes it stronger.

Note: this does not mean that you should wash anyhow, please wash gently.

2.Do not use transparent nail polish use nail strengthener instead:

Here's the difference, transparent nail polish are used to give your nails a glossy look while nail strengtheners strengthen your nails and make them harder. So many people may mistake the two.

Using nail polish can cause your nails to crack and break while washing.

 Also, not all nail polish are quality and are bad for your nails so I would advice that you reduce the amount on which you use it.

3. Always make sure you file your nails as they grow.

This will help to shape your nails making them look more attractive. Don't worry about loosing the length of your nails, it will continue to grow. Some of you may find this part difficult but all you just have to do is file it to fit your fingers.

Continue this process and you'll have attractive natural nails in no time!

This also applies to men that like to keep their nails.

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