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Suede Leather: How to Care for and Maintain Suede Shoes

Suede is a soft and light material made from animals' skin. It is the softer side of the hide used in making leather. The material is commonly used to produce shoes, belts, bags, and so on. You can also see it in many men's shoes, such as Chukka boots and boat shoes. 

Suede is aesthetically pleasing. Its addition to your outfit, it notches your style and makes it stand out. However, the delicate nature of suede shoes has put many people off. The material is highly prone to ruining at the slightest touch as it scratches easily and gets damaged by stains, gum, grease, and water.

Meanwhile, suede isn't as sensitive as you might think. It has its care methods, and by following them, you have a high chance of making your suede shoes last.

Get a suede kit

A suede kit comprises a small or couple of small brushes, suede eraser/block, and spray.


After every wear, use a small brush to get rid of dirt and particles. Do this gently, and don't press too hard. Also, it is best to brush off the dirt in one direction.


Using the suede eraser, gently erase any specific spots or stains that refuse to come out at the first brushing. Now, apply light pressure and erase the spots. As long as the stain is not grease, the eraser can clean it off.

For grease

Apply a small amount of corn starch on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes for the grease to absorb. Then, brush again. If it doesn't come off completely, repeat the process and give it a final brush.

Brush again

Use another brush to brush the dirt residue in one direction.

Apply spray

Hold your shoes at arm's length and gently spray. If it gets wet in the process, leave it for a few minutes to dry off and then brush.

Dry cleaner

If none of these methods work, give your shoes to a dry cleaner.

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