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5 Things Men Do in the Name of Fashion that Turns Women off

If you have women around you, they must have complained about your fashion style at some point. You would laugh it off or say they are overreacting. You might have thought another gender couldn't know your style more than you. Could they be right? Do you think you might have committed a fashion blunder truly in the past?

In this article, you will learn about the things men do in the name of fashion that piss women off.

1. A cap worn incorrectly 

Nothing shouts irresponsible and douchebag to some women like a cap worn backward. It doesn't freak women again. They need to be more impressed!

2. Wearing oversize clothes

Are we still in the 60s? Please, women, hate this style more than ever. If an outfit doesn't fit you, choose another that does. Particularly, baggy clothes don't look good on skinny men.

3. A non-matching belt and shoes

Really? Is this what men are down to now? Learn the basics of belt matching, or you will annoy many women. The colored belt can never go with brown - not in this life.

4. Plaid shorts

Who still wears this? This is 2021, a year after the pandemic started. It's out of fashion and doesn't impress women.

5. Unkempt beard

If you want some beards, then do better. Groom it and make it shiny to attract the right women. Shave it off entirely or use the right product, and it will come out well.

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