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Time regulates the world

Time is simply the progression of events from the past to the present into the future. Time is all you need to control your world, you own your world, you belong to what you create and want your world to be, your world is you and you are your world; you alone can control it with the regulation of time.

Time is strength, time is opportunity, time is expensive, time can't be replaced, once lost, it is gone forever, everyone wants more time and is unfortunate it can't be bought, but rather it is continuous at it's own pace.

There is time for everything, time to gain and time to loose, time to love and time to hate, time to give and time to receive.

What do you think your time says? Now is the time to contribute, invest and gain, you have to invest in time so as to gain from it, the most interesting thing about is_it can't be manipulated.

Lost in my own world of thoughts, holding my world in my hands_looking up to the sky and down again, I too a long breadth_yes!!!! I was once a child, now I'm an adult, filled with dreams and hope, ready to recreate what has been created, ready to build on what has been built, hope you feel same way too about your own world and time? What do you intend to achieve in your time zone, what are you going to contribute to the world in your own time? Nobody is limited to anything, man is a creature with all the capacity to recreate from the little around us. Let us all make our time on earth memorable.

Soliloquizing, my world is everything that makes up my reality, it is beautiful to behold, the birds of the air, the land animals, the sea animals, they are all wonderful but they do not have the power to recreate, man alone does. It is our time to rise, time to drop our footprints on our own time zone, time to make the world beautiful, time to achieve more. History will never forget the people who has and will contribute effectively to the growth of the world in our own time, be part of the pro creators whom history will forever remember, man can only live once, and that once is in his time zone, make your breadth count make your time count, every little step you take today to achieve something great, you are making your time Worth it.

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