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3 Hacks to Make Your Sneakers New Again

Sneakers are easy to wear but difficult to maintain. Whether your sneakers are dirty or they look old, there are many ways to change up their look. Since sneakers are made of different materials, including canvas, cotton, and leather, you need to be careful when cleaning them. Ensure you read the care label on your shoes for ways to clean them. Nonetheless, there is a general cleaning method you can use to make your sneakers shine again. Learn more in this article.

Use the washing machine.

If your sneakers are made of cotton or canvas materials, then it is safe to use the washing machine for them. First, you need to remove the laces and brush off any loose dirt. Throw the towel into the washing machine and toss in your sneakers. You may place your sneakers inside another cloth or pillowcase to protect them. Use warm water for white sneakers and cold for colored sneakers. You can also add vinegar to disinfect and remove odor from your shoes.

Hand wash 

You should hand wash canvas with embellishments such as paints, decorations, beads, markers. Add a tiny amount of detergent into a large bowl of water. Remove the laces as usual and wash them separately. Then, gently use a brush to scrub the inside of your sneakers and outside.

Dry properly

If you don’t dry your sneakers probably, there will be a high chance of odor. Avoid using a dryer to dry your sneakers as it may damage the soles of your shoes and cause misshape. Instead, air dry them on the line or leave them in the sun for hours. You may stuff your shoes with paper towels so they can dry quickly.

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