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60+ Beautiful Nigerian Cultural Attires for Pretty Bride-To-Be

Nigeria is a great nation full of beautiful cultures and tribes from the east ,west South,and the middle belt is full with great cultural heritage.

When it comes to wedding, Nigeria cannot carry last,because it is a country that loves celebration. Nigerian traditional weddings are just too elegant and exciting from the attire, wrapper, bead,trousers,shoe and the programming of the event its a beautiful cultural display.

The country is blessed with over 774 ethnic group in general and each state as over 24 local government area. with the presence of many tribes,culture and languages in the nation makes occasion, festival and carnival enticing and exciting.

For beautiful wedding attires for brides we are going to focus on attires worn by brides in five cultures in Nigeria for traditional wedding ceremony.

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Edo:the Edo bride is culturally dressed to look like a Queen, adorned with coral beads,necklaces, earrings and hairpiece. they can used gown or wrappers designed with beautiful stones and beads.

Igbo wedding:Igbo wedding is so fancy and gorgeous, the bride are dressed in double wrapper,hand fan, umbrella coral beads which serve as royalty symbol in Igbo culture. The modern day fashion as made many brides to infuse new style and fabrics in order to make their wedding ceremony special.

Yoruba:The Yoruba culture in known for owambe things from one celebration to another .The Yoruba bride is dressed in Ofi or Aso Oke(clothes of prestige) this attire is buba ,wrapper, Gele and ipele. the men are dressed in agbada,trouser buba and Fila(cap).

Hausa:popularly called the Arewas is a unique culture with beautiful ladies and good looking men. the Hausa brides is dressed in an elegant, modest wear this include wrapper, blouse, headscarf, jeweleries, various ornaments and the hand designed with Henna. other activities goes along as the husband is also dressed in trouser, banbanriga and cap.

Calabar Wedding:the calabar bride are dressed in elaborate colourful attire made up of skirt,blouse that usually covers the bust,colorful beads,body paint,gown,and ornaments around the arms and legs. the bride's hair is also patterned in such a way that it portrays royalty,the hair is decorated with comb,pins and ribbons. the bride finally step out with a staff in her hand.

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