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Skin Care

One Harmful Ingredient You Should Always Look To Avoid When Buying Skincare Products

Skincare products would make our skin glow, clear the spots and most times make it moisturized. The true color of our skin can sometimes be made not to be apparent because of toxins, oxidative effects of the sun and the rest of them. Good skincare products also gets rid of them so as to make the natural color of our skin obvious.

Source: Allure

However, there is one ingredient manufacturers would often employ during the production of some of these products that would make your skin more appealing but on the long run, it's effect is gruesome. It is the application of Mercury.

Application of Mercury in skincare products can make the skin glow but it does this in the wrong way. What it capitalizes on is depleting the natural melanin pigmentation of the skin.

Melanin is the black pigmentation of the skin that protects it from UV rays of the sun. When melanin is lacking in one's skin, the outcome is usually albinism.

Depletion of melanin from the skin also makes it weaker and vulnerable to some skin conditions such as cancer.

When going for your products, look out on the ingredients to ensure there are no traces of Mercury therein. A times it may not be written in word, the symbol is 'Hg'. Always ensure to avoid products made with such as they are going to pose harm on the long run.

Having the skin glow is more of an internal process than external. When the inside is beautiful, the outside would testify to it. Some ways of naturally making your skin lovely include -

1. Eat good and healthy foods.

2. Consume fruits and vegetables as much as you can.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Always have a good rest, stress would show on your body by making you look older than your age. 

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