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5 Bold Color Combinations that Turn Heads

For years, there has always been a particular sentiment around combining colors, especially bright colors. Many colors make you look weird, they say. While it might not be weird to combine some colors, we can't blame people that say you shouldn't combine colors. 

Colors can either make you look outstanding or unattractive. Thus, it is normal for some people to feel a little reluctant to try some hues. Still, they don't mean you should stick to age-long rules. 

Read this article as we take you through an intriguing and eye-catching color coordination scheme? From green and pink to baby pink and red, these colors will change your perception of shades. Here they are: 

Green and yellow

Nothing can be as fresh and vibrant as these two colors. They portray calmness and high energy. Think about a green skirt with a plain inner and yellow blazer. This look will immediately scream, wow! At every stride you take. Another way is to wear green pants and pair them with a yellow top. Or you can style a green blazer over yellow pants and a plain top.

Red and blue

This merge is what you need on a day when you need to make a cool impression. Wear a red dress and lay over a blue jacket or vice versa. For casual wear, you can wear a pair of jeans and a red top. A simple combination can also give you a blue dress and a red stiletto. 

Orange and blue

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We can call this combination a duller version of red and blue but a merge with high energy. Try blue pants and an orange top or a blue dress and orange accessories, including your necklace and earrings.

Pink and red

These colors are probably the least pair you expect, but you will never know until you try them out. Try a pink dress or two-piece suit or a jumpsuit and style with a red bag and shoes.

Blue and turquoise 

Talk about being bright and brilliant colors; these two will answer you. If you need something that blends with the evening time or beach, try these two. For the beach, you may choose a blue boob top and blue pants. If you have an evening date, you can opt for blue shorts and a turquoise top and vice versa.

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