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Rules for Matching Your Pocket Cloth with Your Tie

People, who are new to wearing a suit regularly ask one common question: "How do I match my pocket cloth with my tie?" Some even wonder if they should be the same color or if you should wear it at all. Using your tie and pocket square the right way shows people you are intentional and careful about your appearance. 

Also, it shows respect and class, especially among strangers. However, getting it wrong makes you look naive and stubborn since you can't take some steps to learn the basics. In this guide, we will discuss the right way to match your tie and pocket cloth.

Start with your tie

Ensure your tie matches your suit or jacket and shirt. The best connections are made from wool, silk, and cashmere. Also, it is best to choose tie colors, including red, blue, and black.

Pocket cloth

The pocket cloth is a hemmed square of fabric in the shape of a handkerchief you put in your suit jacket pocket. Pocket cloth has no purpose except for aesthetics and decoration. The materials used for pocket clothes include silk and wool. Also, they come in different designs and colors, including polka dots, patterns, plain and decorative edges.

Your pocket cloth shouldn't necessarily match but complement your tie. In other words, a light brown or wine can complement a deep brown link.

If you aren't sure of which color to choose, go with a white pocket cloth.

Ensure one color doesn't overpower another. In other words, you shouldn't wear a bright yellow tie and use a light yellow pocket cloth. Remember, they should complement each other.

Pocket cloth with dark colors, including black, white, grey, white, brown, or beige, complement most tie colors.

If you wear a patterned tie or bow tie, endure it matches the pattern on your link. For instance, if you wear a polka dots tie, it should fit your pocket cloth, or you go for larger beads.

The fabric of your tie and square cloth should match; white your pocket cloth fabric should be different from your suit.

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