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19 Pics of how women do their makeup vs a professional

Putting on makeup isn’t easy, particularly if you aren’t professionally trained. You need to learn how to pick the right shade of foundation, apply the right amount of blush, and use eyeliner all by yourself. Honestly, it’s a tricky and confusing process.

Fortunately, one makeup artist shared her tips and tricks on how women should do their makeup. Julia Ismailova, a Russian makeup artist, even took before and after photos to help women understand makeup application better.

1. The naked skin

You don’t need to wear heavy makeup just to hide imperfections. It will just leave you unrecognizable. Instead, use makeup to delicately hide skin blemishes and achieve a more even skin complexion.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

2. On a Friday night

With filled in brows and darker lips, this woman is ready to party on a Friday night. It’s amazing how the right makeup can make a woman feel more confident.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

3. Metamorphosis

This woman is 24 years old. Wearing heavy makeup made her look several years older. The lighter lip color, hint of blush, and subtle hint of color on her eyelids made her face look fresher and younger.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

4. A fresh look

The woman chose the right colors for her. However, the arrows were a bit overwhelming for her face. The matte lipstick also made her face look dull.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

5. No drama

Cat eyes can add drama to the face. Unfortunately, the technique doesn’t work for everyone. For this woman, the subtle eyeliner worked better.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

6. Soft look

The first thing the makeup artist changed was the woman’s eyebrows. Truly, making it lighter and less sharp made her face look more softer.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

7. Character

When this artist received this woman’s request, she immediately worked on it. The result proves that makeup isn’t only for hiding imperfections but expressing one’s character, too.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

8. Night vs day

It’s amusing how makeup can transform a woman’s look in an instant. From bold and edgy, the woman’s face looked younger and fresher.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

9. Quirky personality

While the natural brows were adorable, cleaning them up made a huge difference on her look. Taking away the red hues on her eyes and adding a hint of blush on her cheeks added instant freshness on her face.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova


10. Color

With the right foundation shade, this beautiful woman appeared even more beautiful. Plus, the softer brows made her face look brighter and happier. She’s glowing, right?

11. Depth

This woman already has gorgeous eyes. Tight-lining them with a black eyeliner made them look more dramatic.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

12. Sultry look

The smokey eye makeup worked really well on this woman. Before, it only added drama to her eyes. The artist’s version, on the other hand, made the woman’s eye color pop.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

13. Glowing

Bronzers can add that youthful glow on the face when applied correctly, like this woman’s final look. Add a hint of blush and you’ll look fresh and vibrant.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

14. Much younger

It’s hard to believe that it’s the same woman in these two photo. They look ages apart! I guess that’s what proper makeup techniques do.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

15. Renewed

The after photo is simply stunning. With fuller brows, minimal makeup, and an off-center part, she looks like she just came back from a getaway.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

16. A beauty

This woman is already beautiful with no makeup on. Nonetheless, the artist did an excellent job in enhancing her natural beauty.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

17. Blushing

In this case, the artist had to cover the woman’s skin issue which was vitiligo. Although it’s not severe, she still had to work hard on making sure the end result was flawless. She did an awesome job, particularly with the blushing effect she made.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

18. Those eyes

The shimmer in her eyelids did an awesome job in adding drama to her eyes. It proves that you don’t always have to use dark shadows and do smokey eye makeup just to achieve that.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

19. Softness

There’s something about coral lip products that make the face look soft and young. With that shade, this woman looked several years younger.

Source: Instagram/by_julia_ismailova

Content created and supplied by: Dbuzz_maker (via Opera News )

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