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Makeup Ideas That Look Exactly Like Cartoons And Movies Characters.

Most girls I know wear makeup of some sort on regular basis even if you are a low maintenance, you probably own more than a few products. Makeup is the sum of what you smear on your face, this type of makeup is called Cosmetic and it includes of lipsticks, mascara foundation and so on. L'O'real is the largest cosmetic corporation in the world, it is present in 130 Countries and 5 Continents.

It all goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who were the first women to wear makeup. In a way, the basic motive back then was the same as it is today just like modern day supermodels, the well to do women of ancient Egypt wanted to look their best and saw the careful application of face paint as a means to that end. The word cosmetic is from the Greek word 'Kosmos' meaning " Of this world". While Greeks get credit for the origin of the word Cosmetic, the Ancient Egyptian were the first to use makeup.

Cosmetics are applied to the face to improve or change your appearance, the pictures below are those that used cosmetics to change their appearance to look like movies or cartoon characters:

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