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Common Breast Care Mistakes That Women Should Always Avoid

According to Healthline, one of a woman's most sensitive areas is her breasts. Their breast milk is produced by the fat and glands in their bodies. The elasticity of breast skin and pores is thanks to a protein molecule called elastin. This is especially true because their fragility makes them more susceptible to harm.

The following are five common breast care mistakes that women should always make an effort to avoid.

1. Nipple piercing is risky because of the potential for infection, as stated by Healthline. When bacteria cause swelling in the nipple ducts, the infection quickly spreads to the lymph nodes in the area. Abscess (pus) forms, and it can spread to other areas of your body, putting you at risk for serious illness.

2. A smaller bra size isn't always the best option for enhancing a woman's bust. Wearing a bra that is too small for your bust can cause discomfort and even damage to the breast tissue.

3. It's common for lovers to pinch or otherwise roughly handle each other's breasts when they're close. Prolonged exposure could lead to breast tissue damage.

4. Some ladies prefer to work out or play sports without a bra for comfort reasons. Avoid doing this at all costs because it will cause damage to the breasts' connective tissue, which is necessary for their proper structure. Alternatively, a sports bra offers superior comfort and support over a regular bra.

5. It is common practice for many women to have their nipples waxed and warts removed. If you do this exercise routine too frequently, you might find that your hair becomes thicker and more noticeable. Pain is a common side effect of many dermatological procedures, including those used to remove hair and warts.

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