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Here's How To Combine Ankara Fabric And Jeans In Order To Look Good

Ankara fabrics are highly acceptable and recommended for every woman because they are very beautiful and fashionable.

Jean fabrics are mostly blue, so it's good to combine your jeans with a very nice Ankara top. You can also wear a jean top on an Ankara bottom. 

Here is how you should combine Ankara and jeans:

1. Make sure both outfits have similar colors. You do not necessarily wear a blue top with a blue skirt or trousers. You can actually wear a blue jean trouser with a black top.

2. Use a nice accessory; Make sure your jewelry is not faded. If you decide to wear a gold chain, make sure it's not faded. You can also wear a head wrap, wrist band or footwear made with Ankara fabric.

3. Your clothes should be properly ironed in order to display their full beauty. No cloth will look very beautiful if it's not well ironed. A lot of women believe that jeans should not be ironed because they have a very strong texture, but I don't think it's true. Jeans can be ironed.


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