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4 powerful ways to make your hair grow longer

4 powerful ways to make your hair grow longer 

Almost every time we seek to make our hair grow longer because hair is part of what adds to our beauty. Hair is one of the fastest-growing tissue in the body. But we still face one problem or another regarding our hair.

In this article, I want to relieve you of the problem associated with growing long hair by showing you 4 ways you can use to grow your hair longer. 

1. Make sure to trim your hair regularly

When you are trying to grow your hair, using scissors to trim your hair might look like a nightmare. However, the truth is the opposite of what you are thinking. It is advised to get a trim regularly when you are trying to grow your hair out. Trimming helps you to get rid of your broken split ends. It also helps to maintain the health of your hair. The purpose of not having split ends is to damage won't travel to the roots and you can flaunt the healthier and fuller version of your hair.

2. Make sure you condition your hair - Using conditioner has instant beneficial effects on your hair. The duration of keeping hair conditioner on your hair doesn't matter other than that it helps to prevent the damage of a towel caused by wrapping wet hair in a towel. Use hair conditioner for all hair types. Use it after washing your hair and let your hair down.

3. Applying organic ingredients in your hair - Onions, garlic juices, gooseberries,shikakai, apple cider vinegar, and coconut milk has been proven to work for the hair. You apply these ingredients to your hair and scalp. These ingredients help with overall hair and scalp growth.

4. Nourishing using oil and masks- Oiling of the hair should be done regularly. It is good for boosting hair growth. Essential fats in the hair are retained by doing this. Apply oil to damp air. Having spa treatment is one way to also accomplish oiling. You can visit a spa or do it yourself. The ingredients needed are honey, lemon, avocado, olive oil, and onion juice. These are used for making hair mask.

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