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Healthy tips that will help to get chubby cheeks (with pictures)

According to medical doctors, chubby cheeks give most faces a youthful look, but sagging cheeks often indicate aging and it may be associated with ill health. The shape of a person's face naturally changes over their lifetime because aging can lead to a loss of fat or muscle tone around the face.

Face shape can changes depending on a person's current body weight and how much muscle they have. A lot of people love gaining weight on their face because it gives it a chubby, rounder, plumber appearance.

It is not possible to specifically target the face when gaining weight naturally. The basis of gaining weight is to eat more calories than the body burns each day.

 Though, it is hard to gain weight specifically on the face. These tips might help you to gain weight on your face-

👉Eat nutrient-rich foods that contain healthful fats like

Milk, Fatty fish, Apple

👉Apply products to the cheeks and your skin

Products like- Honey, Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe. Be aware that some people may be sensitive or allergic to aloe.

👉 Facial exercise (facial yoga)

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Apple Honey


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