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Clear your dark knuckles instantly.

Dark knuckles can be very annoying and unflattering to the eyes, And i know you may have searched round the internet to find a cure to these unflattering sight of your knuckles, Well look no further, i bring you a permanent solution to your dark knuckles, But before we go further let me list out some reasons for dark knuckles, There have been some perceptions that dark knuckles are caused by the use of bleaching creams, Even though this is not far from the truth there are also some other factors that contribute to dark knuckles,

(1) Excessive use of water on your hands: Dark knuckles appear most times as a result of the continuous use of water on your hands, Without an application of an oil based moisturiser afterwards, because water causes your hands to get dry when used continuously, one must apply an oil based moisturiser, Like Olive oil, Vitamin e oil e.t.c to moisturise your hands and make them softer to avoid dark knuckles.

(2) Hereditary: Some dark knuckles are hereditary and passed on from generations so you have to take care of them and moisturise them often to reduce the appearance of dark knuckles.

(3) Bleaching Creams: Yes it is true that bleaching creams causes dark knuckles because of these contain hydroquinione in these creams which are harmful to the skin

Now over to how you can erase and maintain your dark knuckles; ingredients you would need include (1) Baking soda, (2) lemon (3) olive oil.

Preparations: Get a small bowl or cup of your choice, put two tablespoons of baking soda in it, Then cut your lemon in half and pour in one half of your lemon inside the bowl, mix the solution properly, get for yourself an old toothbrush and begin scrubbing your knuckles, Be careful though, lemon is really strong so don't want to scrub profusely so you can any injury, Instead scrub in a circle-like manner gently this enables blood flow to your knuckles thereby giving it life and gradually clearing your dark knuckles, scrub for like 5mins gently, Afterwards wash your hands with water, And then the last part which is very important, Moisturise your hands with olive oil to keep them healthy and clean.

Thank you for reading...

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