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How to bring our natural dry hair curls back to life using a conditioner

There are times when we just can't comb through our natural hair. It becomes too dry and stiff that a comb just can't pass through.

The dryness of the hair can be caused by dry weather or using wrong products or not moisturizing our hair enough.

Most times this happens when we take out braids that we have had on for a long time. Or in the morning when we wake up and our hair is just scattered on your head.

You try combing it and the comb just won't go through and forcing the comb to go through can lead to hair breakage and you don't want that.

All you have to do is just to have a wash day with a good conditioner that suits your hair.

Here are the steps to take:

- Rinse your hair thoroughly with water first.

- Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo as you do not want to deep condition on a dirty hair.

- Make sure you get the dirts off your scalp.

- Rinse out with a warm water as warm water helps open up your hair follicles.

- Get your conditioner and mix it with any hair oil of your choice.

- Rub the mixture all over your hair and make sure you rub your hair tips as well as they are the ones more prone to breakage.

- Cover your hair with a nylon so as to trap heat. The heat will help the conditioner soften up your hair.

- After two hours or more, remove the nylon and comb through your hair. You will find out that your hair is now much more easier to comb.

- Rinse off the conditioner.

There you have a hair that is easier to work with and you can style it however you want with ease.

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