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Fashion Mistakes That Make Ladies Lose Their Elegance

Here are some fashion mistakes that make ladies lose their elegance. One of the most important reasons for putting on fashionable accessories and clothing materials is to look elegant. However, it should be noted that to appear elegantly less is always more. 

1. Fixing Of Overly Long nails

It is fine to fix artificial nails but putting on overly long nails will only make you appear shabby, not elegant. As elegant ladies, the length of your nails should be as minimal as possible.

2. Coloured hair

Elegance is about grace and rich fashion styles. Wearing of coloured hair such as yellow, blue, or pink will make you lose your elegance. It is best to rock black, black or blonde hair.

3. Overly long lashes

To maintain your grace and elegance, your artificial lashes should be short and as natural as possible. 

4. Too Much Makeup

Makeup is only to enhance your natural beauty. As such, it should always be subtle and simple. Too much makeup or wearing the wrong makeup are not so appealing to the eyes.

5. Wearing Hair Net Or Bonnet Outdoor 

These hairpieces are originally meant to be worn when you are going to bed or shower. Wearing them outside your house will only make you look ragged and dirty.

6. Revealing Outfits

To maintain your elegance as a lady, you should always cover your body up properly and leave the rest to imagination. Avoid outfits that show off your body. 

7. Ripped Jeans 

This is a type of outfit that you should avoid as an elegant lady. They are a razz and don't look responsible. 

Remember that how you dress determines how you will be addressed. Therefore, you must always choose elegance.

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