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5 tips to look younger than your age.

Who has discovered the fountain of never ageing? no body I guess, but gladly there things that could be done to improve your ageing I mean your general look, these are things that could be done to look more younger than your age.

However the concept of old age may vary some people who look younger than there age may be as a result of good gene. Apart from a good gene you can also slow down ageing by observing some necessary tips .

I once happened to develop this phobia of ageing quick it took some time to get over the fear of ageing quick, however I came to realize that everyone will age, it's a natural phenomenon so no need of bordering myself about things I can't fix. It wasn't until I came across a skin care doctor that leak some secret which am about to share with you. Hey you shouldn't be in a haste read on to see ho

Eat more fruits and vegetables:

You can't underestimate this when it comes to looking young, is not a secret why vegans look much younger and healthy. Vegetable boost your immune and also it enrich your skin with vitamins which help your skin glow and look bright.

Exercise everyday:

You shouldn't be hooked to your smart phone or stay indoors always if you aim to look younger. Regular exercise helps your body in so many way, exercise build muscle and skin tissue and also it is necessary for longevity and good health.

Start a normal parlor exercise, exercise burns down excessive calories in the body.

Get rid of fatty foods:

If you want to actually look younger and healthy, this should be taken into serious consideration. You have to take notice of your weight. Obesity won't only make you age fast but also pose as a risk to your health. On several occasions I see people who wish to be young but are not ready to cut down on fatty foods. Fatty foods creates more fats in your body that blocks the sweat pores.

Stay hydrated:

Dehydration doesn't only make your skin look wrinkle and saggy, but it also makes you look older. Make sure you drink enough water at list 3_4liters a day water flushes harmful toxins from the body hereby making your organs work effectively.

Avoid unhealthy habits:

Unhealthy habits contribute majorly to the reason why people age faster. Unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive intake of alcohol or drug abuse.

Cut down on stress:

Stress releases a burst of hormones like andrenalin, which makes your heart beat faster and increases heart pressure your organs work more than they should making you get tired weary and yes get older.

Exfoliate your skin:

Useing exfoliating cleanser on your face helps your body get rid of dead skin cells, buy some exfoliating cleanser. Exfoliating cleanser helps your skin in so many way, it cleanses the skin from toxins which may have gathered on the epidermis for a long time. And also it removes dead skin cells. Exfoliating creams are cheap to afford you can purchase exfoliating creams in any pharmaceutical store.

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