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You will look gorgeous on these - 10 astonishing nails design you should try on your next manicure

Hitting the salon for a fresh set of beautiful nails can magically make a bad day so much better. After all, our manicures are a fantastic way for us to showcase our creativity and engage in a gorgeous form of personal expression.

Here are some beautiful nails designs you should try on those fingers beautiful fingers:

1. Mirror Nails

2. Polka dot

These beautiful nail designs all come together to create an elegant look

3. Subtle gold

I am sure this looks so good, from the sharp-angled tips to the gold pop at the base of each nail.

4. Beautiful red and black

Feeling a more colorful vibe? Up the fun level of your French manicure by painting each nail a different color.

5. Glossy and matte combination

Who says you can’t look beautiful?

6. Black french tips

7. Gold glitter

8. Black and white

9. Wine and gold

10. White strips

Do you love these? You can try them out

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French Mirror Nails


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