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Meet Celebrities Who have rocked Outfits Peculiar to Bishops and Popes. (Photos)

The fashion world keeps evolving and introducing new trends every day. They now inculcate religious wear as fashion pieces for ordinary people. You see people wear them as Halloween costumes, for movie roles and photoshoots.

These outfits are associated with the clergy members especially the Catholic church. Most of them wear stole, pallium, chasuble, Rabat, dalmatic, miter, zucchetto, cassock, paenula, alb, vestments as part of their ensemble to mass services.

Check below to see the four celebrities that have worn outfits peculiar to the bishops and popes.

1. Rihanna.

At the Met Gala 2018, the theme was Heavenly bodies, Hollywood business mogul and singer Rihanna stormed the red carpet wearing an embroidered papal headdress known as a miter. This caused a lot of reactions from fans as they call her Pope Rihanna.

2. Sylvester Madu.

I bet all Nollywood fans know Sylvester. He is the villain, always acting the criminal roles in movies. In the photo below, he is seen in a typical Bishop's white cassock and the red skull cap known as Zucchetto but instead of a Bible, he is holding a gun which is not typical of priests. He is an actor, it is his job to deliver what is in the script perfectly. He starred in the movie alongside Destiny Etiko and other notable actors. He is a very talented actor and also a pastor.

Photo credit: Instagram @destinyetikoofficial.

3. Hanks Anuku.

Another villain actor in movies. This actor and others create the Nollywood version of James bond movies that we have watched over the years.

In the photo below, you can see him in a white cassock, Zucchetto, and a stole. Well, he is also carrying his gun and a holy book.

4. Don Jazzy.

The music guru left fans in astonishment as he appeared in a Bishop's outfit. He seems to be wearing the complete ensemble; a miter, chasuble, and the dalmatic (vestments). He gave us the Bishop Don Jazzy vibes in the photos.

Photos Credit: Instagram @donjazzy.

As a Christian or member of the religious setting, what will be your reactions when you see people other than your priests, prophets, and pastors wear outfits meant for them? You can answer the question in the comments section below.

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