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Trending Agbada Styles For Big Boys (Photos)

You have gotten a plethora of wedding invitations and you are wondering how you would turn up for them. First of all, the money you are paying for the materials might irk you, but when you remember that you might slay at the party and become the talk of the town, you would chest the bill. Back to how you would design your outfit, look no further, I have curated some of the most sumptuous Agbada styles for Owambe that would look good on you.

The Agbada is a regal outfit so your designs have to depict a sense of royalty. You do not want to look like you do not belong to your group of friends. It is important that you go all out for the designs on your Agbada, do not take anything to chance.

Send these pictures to a professional designer, not a quack tailor so that you get your money’s worth. Please tell me the style you would be making in the comment section below. 

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Agbada Big Boys


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