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7 Signs That You're Actually Washing Your Hair Too Much

Most individuals try to keep their hair as bright, healthy, and clean as possible by washing it as frequently as feasible. However, there are several symptoms that you're washing your hair too much.

1. Your Brush Won't Budge.

Over-washing causes the hair's cuticle to remain open, making it drier and more brittle.

When you brush your hair, it will snag more on the tangles and will not readily slide through the hair shaft.

2. Your Color Is Starting to Fade Fast.

If you wash your hair too often, it will lose its color. You should use sulfate-free shampoos to help maintain color-treated hair.

3. You're Having a Breakdown

Hair that is washed too frequently is more prone to breaking. "Hair is also more brittle while it's wet," explains Dr. Sejal Shah, "so combing while it's wet and forceful towel-drying can cause breaking."

4. Flakes Have Appeared

According to Aronson, "over-washing with strong shampoos might induce scalp peeling." "It's just as vital to have a healthy scalp as it is to have good hair." It should be clean and free of oils, but not too dry.”

5. Your hair appears to be oilier

Excessive hair washing can actually make it oilier. "Use sulfate-free shampoos that are more cleaning but not overly drying," Aronson advised.

6. You've Got frizz.

Frizz may be tamed by skipping shampoos and constantly using conditioner.

7. Your hair appears to be dull.

"Over-washing could be the cause of your hair's lack of sheen," adds Aronson. Healthy, lustrous hair results from a balance of moisture in the hair and scalp.

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