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These Tips Are Helpful To Know Before Buying Weaves To Fix

Making one's hair as a lady is part of a good beauty routine. You can use attachments on your like human hair or synthetic. The hair is a woman’s crown and glory, every woman should carry her hair with pride. What better way to flaunt this crown on your head than to adorn it with beautiful weaves and hair styles?

However, before you buy any weave to put on, there are some things you should note which can save you from stress and wasting money.

It is essential you take some things into consideration so you don’t end up regretting on the long run. It is not recommended to just buy things because it looks good on someone or on a model.

The following are things you should know before buying hair weaves:

1. Ensure it is of good quality so you don't end up using the weave just once.

2. The length, colour should fit into your everyday life and work rules. Imagine buying a purple weave, only to be sent back home by your boss for wrong office etiquette. Know what works for your lifestyle before buying it.

3. Avoid weaves you have to bond. Bonding tends to suffocate your scalp which can cause your hair roots to break if care is not taken. The weaves you can sew or clip to your scalp are better.

4. Ensure you have a neat cornrow and the proper style of cornrow under your weave. It goes a long way in the outcome of your hair.

5. Don't keep your hair weaves for too long, maximum of six weeks to two months, this is to allow your natural hair to breathe.

5. Avoid your edges being picked when making your cornrows. Try to leave as much hair around your edges so that you don't damage your hairline. When you do this, you won’t feel any pain or lose any hair that could result in a receding hairline.

6. Even after you have fixed your weave, regularly apply a good hair cream around your hairline to protect your edges from falling out. Never neglect your natural hair while you take care of your weaves.

7. Don't dump your weaves after using them for a long while, learn how to revamp your weave. You can read my article on how to revamp your old weaves on my page.

Content created and supplied by: QuantumFashionHacks (via Opera News )


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