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How to reduce burning when relaxing your hair

For ladies with relaxed hair, achieving straight hair and dealing with undergrowth means getting a perm which is not always a pleasant experience.

Beauty can mean discomfort at times and this could be the case with hair relaxers especially for ladies with sensitive hair like me.

I have had several experiences where I had to wash off the relaxer barely five minutes after it was applied.

How to avoid pain and burning during relaxing.

1. Don't leave the relaxer on for longer than necessary. Always follow the time indicated on the relaxer instructions. You could go for a shorter period if you have a sensitive scalp.

2. Apply a base before using the relaxer for example petroleum jelly. This should protect your scalp, ears and hairline.

3. Try to avoid sweating on your head at least two days before relaxing. Limit your exercises, do not walk under the sun or use any form of heat.

4. Never wash your hair before relaxing it.

5. Avoid itching, combing or manipulating your hair before relaxing. This irritates the scalp.

6. Use an efficient and fast hair stylist. Let her know you burn easily. Timing is essential.

7. Don't use a small sized or tail comb during relaxing. It tugs on the hair and causes pain.

8. Use some oil sheen to relieve the pain temporarily.

9. Know your relaxers. No lye relaxers are suitable for someone with sensitive scalp.

10. Try not to think about it. Your mind can activate the pain before you even apply it. Take deep breaths, relax and try to distract your mind.

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