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Staying Unique - Best Ways to Craft Your Style

It can be challenging to design your unique style in a world full of trends and fashion rules. The goal of fashion has not always been to follow every Jack and Harry when it comes to trends. It is to be your own self through your styling. Your fashion style is your unique mode of dressing to express yourself. And that begs the question: what is your unique style?

Read along as we discuss how you can sketch your style brand.

1. Check your wardrobe

Your style starts with your cloth collection. What are your favorite clothes? Which outfit do you wear most? Which accessories make you happy? You should notice a pattern here. Note them down.

2. Get fashion inspiration

Do some research here. Check social media, especially your favorite celebrities' pages. Which of them have you subconsciously followed due to their fashion sense, or which ones attract you the most? You can also observe your friends and family members to see if their style strikes you. 

3. Subscribe to fashion blogs

These are platforms that provide fashion tips and showcase the latest trends in the fashion world. Check the ones that you like and follow them or sign up for their newsletter.

4. Create a board or gallery

691 Fashion Mood Board Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Create a new folder on your phone for the pictures of celebrities and styles you have downloaded. Or you can get a board and post pictures of the styles that you like.

5. Create basic wears

Your basic clothes should include clothes you can wear effortlessly. They should include jeans, denim shirts, Tees and so on.

6. Note the things you lack

You should notice the accessories or essential clothing pieces you don't have through the pictured screenshots online. Please make a list and plan to get them as soon as convenient.

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