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How to Wear Oversized Shoes

Sometimes the shoes you receive are too big. Oversized shoes are usually a pain, but they can always be avoided, whether they came as a gift or you bought them yourself. To get started, you will need shoe, paper towels or tissues. 


1. Figure out the difference in size between this shoe and the one you usually wear. Examine the differences and how much space there is between the sizes.

2. Try wearing layered or thick socks. Wearing bulkier socks or two layers of socks might sometimes remedy the problem. In the winter, a felt liner can be used inside snow or hiking boots to increase warmth and improve fit.

3. Stuff your shoe with tissues or paper towels. Place tissue or paper towels near your heel towards the back of your shoe. This can readily compensate for the lack of size. This is impossible to do with sandals or shoes without a back.

4. Experiment with inserts. Adding a pair of supports (available at most shoe and retail outlets) can sometimes improve the fit and support of your shoes.

5. Take a walk around. Walk about with your tissues in your shoes. Check to see if they're still loose. If your shoes are still loose, stuff them with extra tissue.

6. Don't do it too frequently. Even though wearing shoes that are slightly too big is preferable to wearing shoes that are slightly too tiny, it is still bad for your feet. Get shoes that fit your feet if at all possible.

Helpful Tips

- If your shoe size difference is more than two sizes, try using extra thick tissue or paper towel.

- If you still have time before you need to wear your shoes, try returning them to the store and having them resized.


- If you wear the shoes for too long, too much tissue can cause a blister on your foot.

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