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Five types of shoes every woman should have

One of the first easily noticeable things when you step out for an occasion, is your shoes.

Some shoes are designated for special occasions, some are for casual outings, while others are worn on corporate wear.

You don't need to have many shoes; all you need are the basic ones to meet your needs and step out in style.

The following are some of the essential shoes a woman should have, and they include:

1. A pair of sneakers

Sneakers, especially white sneakers, will make you look classy.

2. Black booties

This can be worn on corporate or casual wear.

3. Slide sandals

You definitely won't want to miss not having this, and you will mostly need it most of the time.

4. Heels

Heels make your dress look good, especially for social gathering.

5. Strappy Sandals

You can wear this on different types of dressing ranging from casual dresses to even some social gatherings, and you will appear unique.

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