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5 Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

It is rather weird how people dig deep these days just to come up with other ways to go about solving a particular beauty problem.

The interesting thing about these weird hacks is that they actually work. To explain this, I will be sharing with you five of these hacks that actually work.

1. Bobby pin contouring

This makeup hack can be very risky, but when successfully done, it makes you look unique.

To do this hack, all you need is a stretched-open bobby pin. While using it, pin your nose gently, apply your darker contouring powder for a precise contour.

2. Bulletproof eyebrows

Are you tired of lining your eyebrows over and over again during the day? This weird hack will help you keep your eyebrows in check all day long.

All you need is a baby or translucent powder, apply some of the powders before and after filling them in.

3. Wet brows before filling them in

To do this hack, ensure that your eyebrows are slightly wet, then use your eyebrows pencil to line them up.

This hack ensures your pencil goes smoothly and makes it easy to correct any mistakes.

4. Put red lipstick under your eyes to get rid of dark circles

This is really weird, but believe me, it works. A touch of either red or orange lipstick on any dark spots under your eyes can do wonders by covering them up.

All you need to do is to ensure you blend it nicely afterwards and use a concealer.

5. Use whitening toothpaste to get rid of stained nails

It is annoying after sitting for hours to have your nails done and later see it stained. While using nail Polish might also reveal some yellow stains, you can simply use some toothpaste and gently scrub your nails. It is easy, and it works.

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