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Ladies, Here Are 6 Steps to Putting Together The Perfect Formal Outfit(Photos)

Attending a formal event and having to put on a more formal dress might be scary for some people, especially if they aren't used to lavish gatherings and have spent too much time in their joggers. Putting together a formal outfit doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, as it’s often the simplest accessories or style choices that can improve an outfit.

Here are few ideas to consider in order to come out with the perfect formal outfit

1. Decide Your Main Focus: A good place to start is deciding what you definitely want as part of your outfit. Choosing what is non-negotiable to you will help you work the rest of the outfit around it. If you are a fan of many different accessories, for example, you can then choose a more toned-down clothing item, so the accessories work to make it more formal.

2. Pick Something Comfortable: Formal doesn’t mean that you have to wear something completely out of your comfort zone or something which looks fantastic but feels uncomfortable. If you prefer looser trousers over a tight dress, for example, you can make trousers and a top more formal through material, colors, and accessories.

3. Choose Some Accessories: When coupled with a spectacular necklace or earrings, a plain black dress can be transformed into something much more sophisticated. Accessories have the ability to make ensembles appear and feel more formal, and even simple accessories can offer a little something extra.

4. Don’t Forget About Scent: Perfume or cologne is another important formal wear accessory. A formal dress is sometimes incomplete without a perfume boost, and you may even have one that you save exclusively for formal occasions to enhance your confidence.

5. Use Hair And Makeup As Part Of Your Outfit: It's not only about the clothes or accessories you wear when you're going for a formal look. More lavish hair and makeup can completely shift your appearance, and more groomed hair and makeup might be appropriate for more casual attire if you want to project a more formal impression.

6. Choose Black if In Doubt: Black is a color that suits any occasion, but it’s one that works particularly well for formal wear. Black works with any item of clothing, so it’s a good choice if you’re unsure which outfit to choose.Photo credit: Instagram

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