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How to look classic and expensive as a lady

This article will be useful for ladies who want to look expensive but do not know how to go about it, if you are one of such ladies here are few tips that will help you achieve that purpose.

1) Clothing

When it comes to clothing, and you want to look expensive and classic, go for neutral colours like black, nude, cream, white, colours that look like they easily get dirty those are the colours to stick to, and when going for fabrics go for fabrics like satin, cotton, polyesters, and silks, silks automatically make you look expensive because it looks like an expensive material. Another thing you should also make sure to do is always iron your clothes at all times, even if you are wearing an expensive outfit without ironing it, it automatically looks cheap.

Note: always wear the right size of clothing, your clothes must look like they were tailored or designed for you at all times if you're getting a pant, and it doesn't suit you properly you need to take it to your tailor so that they can make it look like it is designed for your body, you prefer not to look like you borrowed the clothes from your friends, that does not scream expensive.

2) Hair

Wear natural coloured hair like brown, black and blonde anything natural, keep your wigs tidy, neat and fresh also, you cannot look rich and expensive at the same time with blue, purple, or pink hair, if you are a lady who likes Afro and braids try to stick to natural colours also try to keep the hair fresh, tidy which also looks classic and expensive.

3) Manicure

When it comes to manicures stick to a neutral colour, colours like nude, soft brown, light pink, light yellow most rich ladies like sticking to short nails with neutral colours.

4) Makeup

When it comes to making up also go for a natural look, make sure it's well blended don't go for the drag queen vibe, less is more when it comes to making up. Most women who look expensive always go for red lip colours, neutral lip colour or lip gloss.

5) Jewellery and accessories

Your bag, earrings, watches, sunglasses, necklaces do things that can take your outfit from zero to a hundred in no time, it elevates your outfits, so try to invest in good jewellery and accessories, and also remember that quality is key.

6) Perfume

You need to smell good, to smell the way you look, you have to invest in good perfumes, you can also keep the perfumes in your bag, your wipes, and bubble gums to keep you fresh, especially if you are having body odour issues.

7) confidence

Have you ever seen a rich lady walk inside a room? They look like they are confident, the body posture, the body language it gives off, they speak with certainty because they know what they want at all times, they listen more than they talk, and they don't talk down on other people to make them feel good about themselves, and they also don't seek attention.

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