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“Ladies Beware Of Black Henna" An Online Doctor Warn Ladies

Good morning everyone, a doctor on Twitter has now warn against using black henna saying that it can be a little bit dangerous for the skin, and he said it can even lead to death, well before I continue I will like you to please follow me up, thanks.

Black henna can be be a little bit dangerous for your skin, DR. Harvey Olufumilayo,and online doctor warn ladies.

The black henna contains some chemicals which can cause some effect on the skin like burns, allergic reactions, scars, and even leads to death.

If you want to use any henna, then the best colour is orange that has red and brown tint to it, you should be very careful of the black henna, because the black henna is fake and the real colour a henna should have is “orange-brown" and not black.

And if you use the black henna and you notice any allergy make sure you do not use any hair dye that contains, p- Phoenylendiamine (PPD) or Toluene_2,5-diamine.

So you can read what he said carefully, and avoid the use of black henna,

See what the black henna caused on a lady's hand

Please be very careful and share it to your friends and family, don't forget to like, share, comment and follow me up for more related articles, thanks.

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Black Henna DR. Harvey Olufumilayo


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