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Black is beautiful: Meet the most beautiful girl in the world (photos)

You will all agree with me that you have not seen any lady as beautiful as this pretty model, a lot of people might not agree that she is the most beautiful girl in the world because of her skin colour, forgetting the saying that goes "Black is beautiful".

    I was going towards my news feed online when I came across this young model, I was astonished as I have never seen someone is dark and beautiful as she is.

    Nyakim Gatwech as she is called, is a 24 years old. she is a South African model who is very wealthy and a millionaire in dollars. her complexion has made a lot of people admire and work with her.

    She is a one of those girls who decided to embrace their natural skin colour without inferiority complex to bleach their skin.

     Nyakim Gatwech was offered a huge amount of money to bleach her skin but she rejected it, and stood firm by saying her chocolate skin is elegant and what she represent is a nation of warriors. 

    This made a lot of people love her more. many people have come to conclusion that only light skinned girls are beautiful, but seeing this beautiful model will change your mindset.

See some of her photos

Inferiority complex has made a lot of people, to feel that being light skinned is synonymous to beauty, which is not true. Nyakim Gatwech deserve to be honoured and respected for sticking to her natural black complexion.

    I hope you will agree with me that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. many of you will not appreciate her beauty because she is dark. but I tell you, she is the most good looking woman in the world and you should accept that fact. do not forget to share to your family and friends.

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