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Effect Of Arabian Fashion Style In Nigeria

Hailing from the Middle East is a people significantly endowed by a huge load of culture and history. 

The culture of the Arabian people has impacted and has spread across the world, and in Nigeria, it has discovered solid acknowledgment. 

Arabian style of design has been embraced all around the world and there is a motivation behind why everybody loves it. 

The focal thought of Arabic apparel is unobtrusiveness. Arabian ladies are urged to conceal in beautiful yet straightforward apparel. They ordinarily wear the Abaya, which is a long, free garment that covers the arms, middle, and legs. Conventional, they likewise wear the Hijab. There are many sorts of Hijab 

For example, 

1. Khimar: this is a long cloak that is worn over the head and gets down to cover the chest 

2. Niqab: a face cloak used to cover the face and tied behind the head. It sits over the nose allowing just the eyes to remain uncovered. 

3. Shayla: a one-piece shroud that covers the head and the shoulders 

4. Al-amira: a two-piece shroud. The first is a head cap that covers the head and the second is the scarf that goes over it and covers the shoulders. 

Arabic men wear the Keffiyeh on their heads attached with a dark rope known as the Aghal. 

The white robe they wear is known as the Disbasha or Kandora and is worn with customary pants called Sirwal. 

These outfits can be seen wherever around the country.

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