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Chic Ways To Rock Your Bum Shorts

Bum shorts are chic shorts women wear to flaunt their legs. These shorts can be made with different fabrics like denim, crepe, leather, or satin. You need to rock your bum shorts properly to exude class. And this article contains some tips on how you can slay in your pair of bum shorts. They are:

1. Pair with a Chic Shirt.

You can rock your bum shorts with a button-up shirt. The shirt can be plain-colored or floral. You can further improve your look by pairing this outfit with a chic waist bag.

2. Pair with a Sweatshirt or T-shirt.

T-shirts and sweatshirts look good when paired with bum shorts. This outfit comes in handy when you want to look classy without doing so much.

3. Layer with Other Outfits.

If you don't feel so comfortable showing off your legs, you can layer your bum shorts with long outerwear. This includes kimonos, coats, or dress shirts. You can also layer your bum shorts with blazers, denim or leather jackets, or shirts.

4. Pair with a Crop Top.

If you want to show more skin, you can pair your bum shorts with a crop top.

5. Rock it with a Body-con Top.

Whether you own a turtleneck top, a tank top, or any other body-con top, you can pair it with your bum shorts. This outfit would accentuate your figure.

Which of these ways would you rock your bum shorts?

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