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Simple Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Organised

Do you dread arranging your wardrobe every weekend? You are not alone.

Many people detest arranging their clothes once the weekend turns up. This is never an easy task as it involves endless folding and segmenting. What if there are hacks that ensure you don’t spend up to 30 minutes in your closet? Learn more in this article.

1. Empty your closet

To make your work easier, you should empty your wardrobe and clean it. This is like a foundation to the main work, and it sets you in the right mood to work.

2. Declutter according to the cloth type

Instead of throwing every piece of cloth to make a gigantic heap, sort out your clothes according to their type. For example, instead of adding T-shirts, pants, jeans trousers together, all T-shirts should be together, all pants should also be in another separate box.

3. Arrange your clothes by category

This might seem like a general strategy, but not many people put it into practice. Segmenting similar clothes together saves you time when you need to quickly locate your particular shoes quickly or belt.

4. Hang delicate clothes

Suppose you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe, stick to hanging delicate clothes, such as lingerie, dresses, suits, coats, and blazers. Ensure you hang the clothes facing the same direction so that they will be easy to pick out.

5. Fold thick and sturdy clothes

Instead of wasting space hanging your sweaters and hoodies, stack them up in your wardrobe. Clothing items, including denim, jeans, trousers, and bulky dresses, hardly lose their shape no matter how long you fold them.

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