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Foods That Can Help You To Prevent Premature Grey Hairs

Are you worried about the way grey hairs are coming up on your head? Do you think that it is premature? It may actually be embarrassing to get grey hairs far more earlier than your mates..

Well not all grey hairs are as a result of aging. Some people get it earlier than necessary because of a number of reasons.

Grey Hairs may spring up earlier than necessary on your body because of heredity, It may also come because of deficiency of an important vitamins in the body. If it occurs because of vitamin deficiency, taking some appropriate food can slow it down.

Well, deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause premature grey hairs. That is grey hairs coming up on a person's body earlier than necessary.but this situation can be handled by eating the following foods.

1. Liver.

Liver of ram,goat,or cow are very good sources of vitamin B12. In fact Liver no matter the animal you like to eat is a very good source of vitamin B12

2. Kidney.

Kidney is another organ meat that could be a good source of vitamin B12. Taking plenty of such meat will prevent a deficiency of vitamin B12 which could cause early grey hairs and other anomalies in the body.

3. Red Meat.

Even though we are advised not to eat too much of red meat because of the saturated fats in them. There are a number of benefits that can be gotten from consumption of red meat. It is a very good source of vitamin B12.

4. Chicken.

Chicken is also a good source of vitamin B12 but it contains less vitamin B12 than beef and organ meat mentioned above.

5. Turkey.

Turkey is another good meat from the poultry family that is also a rich source of vitamin B12.

6. Eggs.

Eggs also contain vitamin B12 though in lower quantities than beef and organ meat.

7. Fish.

Fish is also a natural source of vitamin B12 but it is more in meat than in fish.

8. Milk.

Milk is also a natural source of this important vitamins.

Conclusion: Taking plenty of these foods may prevent premature grey hairs, anaemia and nerve problems.

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