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Check Out 10 Fashion Rules For Plus-sized Ladies

As a fat girl, you begin to comprehend what you are expected to wear and what fashion implies when it is combined with a fat physique.

One of the most difficult challenges for overweight ladies is navigating some regulations and establishing your own sense of style and originality among bad marketing and clothes designed by someone who has no understanding of how a fat body operates.

Well, below are some of the guidelines that all fat girls know.

1. Horizontal stripes are not suitable for fat girls.

Anything that makes your body appear larger and isn't specifically tailored to trim you down is obviously a no-no.

2. There is no VBO (Visible Belly Outline)

Even if you are physically obese, it is still undesirable to allow others to view the fat physique you are aware of.

3. No Crop tops

This should go without saying, as fat fashion is designed to be kept separate from all other current trends. And who wouldn't want to see a carefree overweight girl wearing a fashion trend that is absolutely everywhere?

4. Dark colors are the only ones that are permitted.

This rule is founded on the notion that black and other dark hues are slimming, and that is, of course, what all overweight girls should wear to disguise their bodies.

5. No sleeveless tops.

Of course, if you're a fat female, you're familiar with the difficulty of having fat arms and how most people assume you despise them and that sleeveless clothing are a no-no.

6. No sheer fabric.

Don't be concerned! Fat girls are stigmatized for flaunting their bodies in the same way that everyone else does.

7. Only long slacks and skirts are permitted.

No matter what season it is or how hot it is outside, obese girls are required to cover their legs.

8. Only put on waist-cinching clothing.

Despite the fact that flowy dresses and blouses are more comfortable, obese girls must wear structured tops at all times.

9. Avoid patterns that are too busy or too bright.

Bold patterns may cause you to stand out in a crowd, yet fat fashion is all about blending in.

10. Never forget how much you loathe your body and how little you want to display it.

This continues an age-old pattern of condemning bodies that don't meet a restricted norm and ensuring that those people are miserable and hyper-aware of their bodies.

Don't allow these rules dictate how you should conduct your life. No matter what body shape you have, find a style you like and wear it!

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Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )

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