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3 Women Who Became World Record Holders Because Of Their Large Body Parts

Different people have become holders of world records perhaps due to their phenomenal actions or engaging in unusual activities. A collection of women who possess large body parts, who subsequently became world record holders has been compiled for you belew.

Woman with the largest cheeks.

32-year-old Anastasia Pokreshchuk currently holds the record of largest cheeks in the world, the ukrainian model completely underwent cosmetics surgery in a bid to acquire a unique look by enlarging her cheeks.

According to Anastasia, she spent up to 6 years transforming her look and spending a huge amount of money on cosmetics surgery.

The woman with world's biggest lips.

Andrea Ivanova hold the world record for acquiring the biggest lips, the 23-year-old from Bulgaria actually underwent numerous surgical operations in order to become the woman with largest lips in the world.

Fortunately, she was able to fulfill her goal as she got 20 different lip filler injections to make her lips 4 times bigger.

The woman with widest hips in the world.

According to research, a 49-year-old, Mikel Ruffinelli is recognized as the woman with the largest hips. She was a normal-sized woman at the age of 22, then she began to gain weight after giving birth to her first child.

Her height is 1.62m and her hips is 8 feet, 2.4m in circumference which are unusual measurements. Mikel Ruffinelli's weight is more than 420 pounds as she usually eats an average 5,000 calories a day.

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Source: Mirror, TheSun, Wikipedia

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